My trip to the Veladrome

we are now at the winning finals, and all I can say is WOW

I can see a paralympian right in front of me called JODY CUNDY!!!!!!”!

Unfortunately he has a prostetic leg

I also saw Leo and Awais, this trip finished at 4pm and it took us 30 minutes to get home for 4.30pm

I enjoyed it because i got an autograph from Jody Cundy and the school paid for the tickets.

I would like to go again before i finish Plymouth Grove.

Thank you to all the staff that looked after us that day.

Thank you jaewon

Trip to the Velodrome – by Joel

On our trip to the Velodrome we saw 3 events. They were individual sprint, 10k scratch and keirin. People were cheering and shouting for the team that they wanted to win. It was very exciting in the keirin because the cyclists went at speeds of around 40 mph! I thought it was amazing that in the 10k scratch race they could stay at 30 mph for about 11 minutes! At the end we saw the BMX track which was full of bumps and twisty turns. It was a very good day

Trip to the Velodrome


I had a great day at the Velodrome and I hope everybody else did too.

On the way to Velodrome, we saw lots of different things and places. We went under a dark bridge it was fun. When we arrived at the Velodrome, Mr Heap got out of the coach first and went to check something. When he came everybody else got out of the coach and made a line.after a few minutes later we were inside.

When we were all inside a girl was leading us but she was going to go the wrong way. A man stopped us and lead us the right way. We were inside the enormous room. All we heard was noise, noise of people cheering and clapping. Mr Heap found us seats to sit on.

Something really amazed me at that was the cyclists, they zoomed past us like lightening when they were practising on the tracks.something else really amazed me and that was that the cycles did not had breaks on them. Everybody cheered and did the Mexican wave when they went past.

I was very excited to see the huge, enormous, big Velodrome because I never been there, I just heard of it. I was also very excited to see the amazing races, the cyclists and the cycles. I really like the way of the helmets the cyclists were wearing when they rode the cool bikes and most of all I liked the wheels of the bikes. I also saw a motor bike which made a noise when it started.

The cyclists really inspired me because they kept on practising till the race started and they never gave up. They also rode very well and I also saw that two of the cyclist held hands and rode, I think they were helping each. Almost everything inspired me.



My trip at the velodrome – by Aqsa

The velodrome was really amazing,at first i thought it would be scary but once we arrived it was not scary.
Whilst the cyclist were racing one of the cyclist fell of the bike and the other cyclist almost fell of her bike but luckily she did’nt.
What amazed me was the speed because the cyclists were going really fast.
I heard the ordience screaming,cheering and shouting for the cyclists.
The thing that inspired me was the way that the bike’s turned and it looked like they were going to fall but they did’nt.
I enjoyed my time at the velodrome and i hope to go again.

A recount about my fantastic trip – by Mohammed

It was a really amazing,spectacular,fantastic day and I hope everyone had a great time!

On the way to the Velodrome I saw the Ethad city stadium and I have seen it before when year 4 went to sport city stadium to do sports day there.Minutes later I saw the wall of a dark bridge and when went under it was very dark but I liked it,it was cool!Probably 20 minutes later people were saying that they saw Jaewon’s mum and people were shouting hello to Jaewon’s mum. Then Mr Heap told Jaewon that he was getting embarrassed. When we arrived, I saw two brightly coloured, red and blue motorbikes that were clean.

When we arrived to the Velodrome, all we could hear was noisy cheers from inside. When we entered the Velodrome, a man lead us towards the area where we would be watching the cyclists. Then a man spoke through a speaker and informed us on what’s going to happen? Then a man stood beside the cycling track shot a bullet into the air and we saw orange stuff come out of the gun. I also heard loud cheers from the crowd.

The most amazing thing was how fast the cyclists were cycling,the amount of people present at the Velodrome and how the cyclists never slowed down. The size of the Velodrome was also amazing. It was spacious. The music and dancing was also great.

I was excited to go to the Velodrome and watch the cyclists. I was also excited to see all the images on the Ipad. I was even excited to see the championships and different types of bikes there were. It was also exciting to see the old bikes at the entrance.

The most inspirational thing were the cyclists because the never gave up. They kept cycling even though it was a tough ride. Another inspirational thing was the amount of people using the exercise bike because that would motivate others to do more exercise. Also as well as inspiring me, the cyclists will have inspired everyone else at the Velodrome.