Play your cards right

Usman realised this morning that even with probability you can never really know what is going to happen next. Atiya found out that even with a probability scale you sometimes have to guess.

If you have no low numbers left then it is certain that you will get a higher number.

Elise told us that when you pick a 5 that it is tricky to predict what will happen next because 5 was the middle number out of the cards that we used.

If there are 3 bigger numbers left and one smaller number then it is likely that you will pick a bigger number in the play your cards right game.

If we were going to play the game again Usman would remember the numbers really carefully to make his guesses about probability more accurate. Elise would make the game harder by adding extra surprise numbers in. Atiya would have times table calculations instead of numbers so that the game helped her practice multiplication as well as probability.

We used Audioboo for the first time. Usman thought that it was great because he didn’t have to do any writing. Ativan thought that using audioboo was great fun because it made doing our work quicker, it was like taking a shortcut.

Stay tuned for our audioboo clips!

Our guide to probability

Impossible – It can never happen. Only a few things can be impossible, things might stop being impossible when technology develops. Some things will never stop being impossible even with technology eg. Akshay being able to walk through Joel.

Very unlikely – There’s not much of a chance that it will happen. It might only happen once a year or if you are not sure if it could happen.

Even chance – There is a 50% chance that this might happen. It could change easily. It could happen and it could not.

Likely – it can happen but not always. You have more chance of it happening than not.

Certain – It will definitely happen no matter how cold it is or what the weather is. It is going to happen for sure.