Please remember that if you are going to BikeRight tomorrow that you will need to wrap up warm and check that your bike has mudguards.

Your maps from ICT today look brilliant!! Fantastic stuff!

Challenge! Can you find some more embeddable things?

Miss Okell

Thank you

Thanks Quadblogging pals for some brilliant responses. Our iPad monitor has been taking lots of photos today so he will be able to give you a real insight into life in 5O when he has blogging time tomorrow.

Thanks trainee teachers for working with 5O today. The children told me a bit about what they got up to and I’ve been to look at the poems that you wrote together. Brilliant stuff. I was really pleased at the collaboration and the links made between community and our class charter! Fab stuff. Look out for a news report from 5O on this tomorrow! We would love to see your comments on our blog!

Miss Okell

Quadblogging – week one

This week our focus blog is Madrid Class’s blog at The Norman C of E Primary School in Norfolk.

Here is the link to their blog. Use your blogging time to have a look around and leave a comment.

Hope you have all had a wonderful weekend and are looking forward to the week ahead. Remember that our trip to the velodrome is this Friday! How exciting!!

Our hero theme this week is collaboration and I am looking forward to discussing our nominations later on this week.

Miss Okell



We have received the links for our Quadblogging schools!

Here they are:

I will be putting these blogs in our links section over the next day or so. Why don’t you visit the blogs and see what they’ve been getting up to before we start Quadblogging?

Miss Okell

Songs from Choir

Hello everyone!

For those who are in choir, here are the links to the words, backing tracks and dance videos that we will need to learn. I really enjoyed my first rehearsal with Plymouth Grove choir today. We are so lucky to have so much musical talent in our class!

Miss Okell

Buildathon – The Result

Well done the Dolphin table who built the highest tower! Here it is:

Also well done to the Crocodile table who built a super Shard inspired tower which was praised for being the most beautiful tower:

I am incredibly proud of the collaboration shown within the groups and the perseverance shown by all of the children today. Fantastic stuff! The end result was good but the skills we used to get there were amazing.

Have a restful weekend every one, looking forward to a new week on Monday
Miss Okell

Hero of the Week – week one

Hello 5O,

Congratulations to Mohammad and Shabiha who were chosen by our class to be our heroes this week! They were chosen by 5O for the positivity that they have shown this week. What a fantastic achievement!

Our hero phrase for week two is ‘Keep calm and smile”

I hope that you had a wonderful afternoon with Mrs Smith. Can’t wait to hear all about it tomorrow morning.

Miss Okell