Homework poems

Bells bong,
bombs boom.
Snakes hiss,
cars vroom.
Branches crack,
pans clang.
Fireworks whizz: bang bang!

Stings twang,
sausages sizzle.
Levers clunk,
sparklers fizzle.
Planes roar,
balloons pop.
Cooking soup: slop slop.

Rockets zoom,
wellies splash.
Floorboards creak,
dodgems crash.
Jetskis whoosh,
Horseshoes clop.
Rain falls: plop plop


We have started to use Storybird to write creatively. Have a look at some of our stories so far.

THe crazy train by Akshay14 on Storybird

 T HE STORY OF FREINDSHIP by Carlos2014 on Storybird

 The book with all the monsters insidepeak if you dare!!! by Jaewon14 on Storybird

 The mad scientist by Akshay14 on Storybird

 Robot invaders by Joel14 on Storybird

 Robot invaders by Joel14 on Storybird

 the story of Jessica and Ruby by Amy2014 on Storybird

Hero of the week! – week seven

Who would believe it!! We’re almost at the end of our seventh week together as 5O.

I am pleased to announce that our Hero of the Week page has been updated again. Click on it to find out more details.

Coming up soon on 5O’s wonderful blog are some images of our history lesson from this afternoon! I had a brilliant time today!!

See you bright and early for tomorrow!

Miss Okell

Trip to the Velodrome – by Joel

On our trip to the Velodrome we saw 3 events. They were individual sprint, 10k scratch and keirin. People were cheering and shouting for the team that they wanted to win. It was very exciting in the keirin because the cyclists went at speeds of around 40 mph! I thought it was amazing that in the 10k scratch race they could stay at 30 mph for about 11 minutes! At the end we saw the BMX track which was full of bumps and twisty turns. It was a very good day