Homework – Week 4

• Spanish is one of the languages that all children in Year 5 can speak. Around 423 million people in 20 countries around the world speak Spanish.

• You must research a Spanish speaking country

• Create a persuasive tourist leaflet about the country.

• Do you remember the features of persuasive texts? Use them in your writing.

• Due date: Tuesday 4th February 2014.

Leave a comment below with ideas of Spanish speaking countries. This may give you ideas and help your classmates!! 🙂

Miss O

Homework poems

Bells bong,
bombs boom.
Snakes hiss,
cars vroom.
Branches crack,
pans clang.
Fireworks whizz: bang bang!

Stings twang,
sausages sizzle.
Levers clunk,
sparklers fizzle.
Planes roar,
balloons pop.
Cooking soup: slop slop.

Rockets zoom,
wellies splash.
Floorboards creak,
dodgems crash.
Jetskis whoosh,
Horseshoes clop.
Rain falls: plop plop