Hero of the Week

We are looking out for kindness and using our empathy and listening learning muscle to make sure that we are using kind words and gestures towards each other.

This week our hero is Hidiya. Some of the children in our class thought that Hidiya should be the hero because she has been showing good listening skills towards the other children in our class. Hidiya has been helping us with our dance for the class assembly and she has been a good dance captain and has given good suggestions and advice to others 🙂

Hero of the week! – week seven

Who would believe it!! We’re almost at the end of our seventh week together as 5O.

I am pleased to announce that our Hero of the Week page has been updated again. Click on it to find out more details.

Coming up soon on 5O’s wonderful blog are some images of our history lesson from this afternoon! I had a brilliant time today!!

See you bright and early for tomorrow!

Miss Okell

Hero of the Week – week one

Hello 5O,

Congratulations to Mohammad and Shabiha who were chosen by our class to be our heroes this week! They were chosen by 5O for the positivity that they have shown this week. What a fantastic achievement!

Our hero phrase for week two is ‘Keep calm and smile”

I hope that you had a wonderful afternoon with Mrs Smith. Can’t wait to hear all about it tomorrow morning.

Miss Okell