Emaan’s day at Armitage Primary School!!!

Today was amazing! It was SOOOO much fun, I wish everybody in our class could come. We had some toast and juice to start the day of. We were put in to groups, I was in yellow group.

Firstly we designed models of carnival cloths because we are going to have a school carnival “AAH”. Next week we are going to be making and sewing carnival cloths and masks.

Secondly we drew what our masks would look like. While we were doing that we got to choose some music to listen to when we were drawing the masks. It was AMAZING!!!

Then we did some research on tarantulas and drew them to. As we were doing the drawing because we had our own laptops we chose some music to listen to.

Last but not least we played games in the hall. Everything was so great!!!I hope you enjoyed listening to my blog post, see you guys later!