Trip to the Velodrome


I had a great day at the Velodrome and I hope everybody else did too.

On the way to Velodrome, we saw lots of different things and places. We went under a dark bridge it was fun. When we arrived at the Velodrome, Mr Heap got out of the coach first and went to check something. When he came everybody else got out of the coach and made a line.after a few minutes later we were inside.

When we were all inside a girl was leading us but she was going to go the wrong way. A man stopped us and lead us the right way. We were inside the enormous room. All we heard was noise, noise of people cheering and clapping. Mr Heap found us seats to sit on.

Something really amazed me at that was the cyclists, they zoomed past us like lightening when they were practising on the tracks.something else really amazed me and that was that the cycles did not had breaks on them. Everybody cheered and did the Mexican wave when they went past.

I was very excited to see the huge, enormous, big Velodrome because I never been there, I just heard of it. I was also very excited to see the amazing races, the cyclists and the cycles. I really like the way of the helmets the cyclists were wearing when they rode the cool bikes and most of all I liked the wheels of the bikes. I also saw a motor bike which made a noise when it started.

The cyclists really inspired me because they kept on practising till the race started and they never gave up. They also rode very well and I also saw that two of the cyclist held hands and rode, I think they were helping each. Almost everything inspired me.