The Manchester town hall

On Wednesday 5th June me (Nadia),Rabeeah,Faheemullah and Kevin (with mr Cooke,mr Heap and miss Okell) went to Manchester town hall.We reached there by a taxi.It was ever so interesting ,as we walked we noticed some awesome things if it wasn’t pictures it was paintings ornaments.when we actually went in this man made a very,very,very long speech about education,legacy and ICT.

Our Community!

Our community matters to us and we take care of our community with our school values.
Take a look!


Here are is a mind map our class made.




Here are some pictures of our literacy topic dolphins


Here are a few people putting their hand up to answer a question.





Here is our teacher on front of the smart board.




Some pictures

The Dragon Lord Chapter 1

Once upon a time live 3 tall men, Their name Jack, Osborn and Tim. They lived in castle and owned a large company called… Dragon Lord Ltd (Est 2008). They owned the largest company in the world! They were the richest people who walked on earth. One day Jack said ” I think we should make a new device.” ” What do you mean?” said Tim.” I mean a product with all of our old product’s mashed in one large tablet, called… The DL tab.” ” DL tab” repeated Tim and Osborn.

When the DL tab was released it was a huge hit! People died to buy one of their own. Jack, Osborn and Tim decided to make update each year and improved it with blasting ideas. The company were so proud the made generation 2 (DL tab 2). The ideas were endless…