Woo hoo!!

Secret Student update!!

This week has been a brilliant week for our secret students. We have got five out of five points this week. Hayat, Maxwell, Eliana and Mahgul have all got full points so all children gained eight Dojo points because of this brilliant effort.

15 points down and 5 to go to guarantee a super celebration for Christmas.

Let’s go team!!

Miss OEpcot - 30th Celebration Finale Jeff Krause via Compfight


Dear diary

I cant believe  that the romans have arived . They are so mean they would whip us they would do every thing to us, I dont know what they want .

They are taking are wepons.I felt unhappy because they  took  some thing that wosent there’s that was are only memories,  I wish  they could just stop all of this  then every thing would be fine.

I hate the romans.They are  torchring are priceses  they would tie them by the hand a d beat them up and whip them I felt sorry for them  they were blibing .

What will I do I cant run away because they could get  me. I am tring to save up money so I can pay the man and man  can take me far away




hi my name is eliana and i am 9 years old and i am in year 5 my teacher is miss okell and  my favorite colour hot pink and i love going to town to buy new shoes and bags i like to play and  have freinds and my birthday is on the 10 of july when there is a hot weather  fellt happy  i love having presents