Homework – Week 4

• Spanish is one of the languages that all children in Year 5 can speak. Around 423 million people in 20 countries around the world speak Spanish.

• You must research a Spanish speaking country

• Create a persuasive tourist leaflet about the country.

• Do you remember the features of persuasive texts? Use them in your writing.

• Due date: Tuesday 4th February 2014.

Leave a comment below with ideas of Spanish speaking countries. This may give you ideas and help your classmates!! 🙂

Miss O

Emaan is soooooo excited!!!

I am so excited because next week I’m going on a trip. Yeah I know what you are thinking, what trip. So I am going to tell you.

Do you know about that Saturday school which Mr.Cooke was talking to us about? That one to Bridge Water Hall which me, Eliana, Asha, Sahra, Nashra, Orhan, Danyal, Simon, Luqman and Safiya are going to. It will be AMAZING because we get to miss half a day of school and we will be picked up and maybe some of us will go in a teacher’s car. The only thing that worries me is that Mr.Cooke won’t be able to come. Do you think that he deserves to come? Well I know that me, Eliana, Asha, Sahra, Nashra, Orhan, Danyal, Simon, Luqman and Safiya do. What about you tell me what you think give me a comment.

See you soon team, from Emaan

Spellings for first week back!!

Over the Christmas holidays we hope that you have a fantastic rest and get an opportunity to spend extra time with family and friends.

We will be doing a spelling test in our first week back. Your task over the two week break is to learn the following spellings and find out what they mean. All of these words form part of the key vocabulary for our humanities and science topics next half term.

In addition to this you should be reading every day and ready to do an Accelerated Reader quiz on the first day back.

  1. climate
  2. weather
  3. atmosphere
  4. acclimatise
  5. recycle
  6. upcycle
  7. reproduce
  8. process
  9. fertilise
  10. germinate
  11. pollinate
  12. pollen
  13. species
  14. function
  15. life-cycle

Have a very merry Christmas to those celebrating and we hope you have a fantastic two week break.

Looking forward to seeing everyone on Tuesday the 7th of January 2014.


The Year 5 Team.

Why Emaan wants to be a member of school council

Dear Miss.Okell and 5o,

I would really like to be member a school council. If you want to know why then read on.

I would be a great member of the school council because I like to hear other people’s opinions. The children have different things that they want to change about the school ,and I love to hear their opinions so in meetings I can discuss them with all the other members of the school council. So that is one thing you need to know if I should be a member of the school council.

I would be a fantastic member of the school council because I am always on time for important things.  There is no need to worry about me being late because I will be there in a few minutes. Remember you can trust me.

I would be a extraordinary member of the school council because I love helping the school get better and better. I can think of a few ideas which I might want to change about the school, and tell Miss.Thompsan them and do a bit of a vote with the school to make sure we get things right. That is the last thing you need to know if I should ne a member of the school council.

To sum up I have told you the things you need to know if I will be a member of the school council. Remember I will be a great member of the school council and it is a BRILLIANT idea to choose me to be a member of the school council!!! Choose me!!!

From Emaan

Why ysra should be a school council !!!!!!!!!

I should be a SC because I am extremely sensible .If someone said they wanted to have something that is inappropriate I would say that is not good and stick to sensible things.

All kids in the school would agree because I always want the best for everyone. Everyone is special and equal. Miss don’t you trust me because you trust me all the time . Don’t you agree I will do a great job for the school?

I would be confident and I would do what’s right and best  for our wonderful school. With my friends support I will be way on track. MR.Cooke says I am great at telling the truth even though some others call me a snitch.I will just go with what’s right!!!!!!

A good reason is that everyone in our class is confident to talk to me when they have a problem and I always try to help! Especially the boys because they have started to trust me a lot .  The girls trust  me too because all the girls in our class are friends. That is a great thing , don’t you think that is?

To add up, I would not miss any meetings even if I had to go home. I think me and Sadia  would make a great team? (We are actually cousins). So what do you think?

Woo hoo!!

Secret Student update!!

This week has been a brilliant week for our secret students. We have got five out of five points this week. Hayat, Maxwell, Eliana and Mahgul have all got full points so all children gained eight Dojo points because of this brilliant effort.

15 points down and 5 to go to guarantee a super celebration for Christmas.

Let’s go team!!

Miss OEpcot - 30th Celebration Finale Jeff Krause via Compfight