Web Resouces for Home Learning

Here are some websites that we use in school and that can be used at home to extend learning. In addition to these tools, children have their own blog logins and are free to comment of posts on our blogs or on those of our Quadblog schools.

Accelerated Reader

We have recently started to use Accelerated Reader in 5O. All of the children in our class have their own login. Accelerated Reader helps children to practice and improve reading comprehension through the use of quizzes about books that they have read.


Voki is an avatar creation tool. Children can use the tools to change the appearance of the avatar as well as inputting speech through text. These can be posted on our blog through using the HTML tab on the ‘Add new post’ page.


All of the children in 5O have their own Storybird account. The children can complete assignments set by Miss Okell or they can use the images to inspire their own writing. Miss Okell can embed the stories into this blog.


6 thoughts on “Web Resouces for Home Learning

  1. Hi my name is Rafay. I am telling you about work wich we have done this year. In math we’ve been worked about methods. Methods are like to improve our math and methods are more easy than working on your head. math is fun and really amazing.math is not for guessing it’s for having fun and we’ve learned about two digit add two digit and decimals. There are fun things to do in maths like decimals,add,times and take away. Divid by is like in timetable like 2 times 8 =16 and
    8 divid by 2 =4 it’s like you just half the 8 number.

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