Eco montiers


I realy want to help the world to be eco freindly to help more schools so please let me be in you club i will respect everything you do and the school and world i will not let you down.

If i was not the eco montier i will be sad for all the work i have done please let me in.later miss okelly will pick someone to be eco moniter.

I really hope that i will become i eco moniter. wish people good luck.

finaaly that person is a eco moniter hope is me. p.s when dose it start and when is it on.

Emaan’s Eco Group Letter

Dear Mrs East,
I am writing to you because I want to tell you why I should be in Eco Group. By the end of this letter you will obviously choose me to be in Eco Group. Here are the reasons why I should be in Eco Group.

First of all I love our world. I WILL do anything for our wonderful world. All sensible people would agree that I should be in Eco Group because I care for our world the most, if I was the last person out of my class room I would turn the light off I would save electricity, which is very helpful to our world. So as you can see I know so much about our world and I care about the world too, now that is one of the reasons why you should choose me to be in Eco Group.

Second of all I am so trustworthy. You can always count on me to do anything I mean it, anything. If there are any meetings there is no need to worry I will be there in just a few minutes, I will never be late. Now an Eco monitor needs to be trustworthy so that is exactly why you should choose me.

Thirdly I am extremely good at listening. When there’s a meeting I will remember what I should do at all times, I’ll remember what to say to my class as well. If you want I can remember what is very important about Eco Group and get the job done. So that’s why you should choose me t be in Eco Group.

To sum up, I would be an extraordinary member of the Eco Group. Remember you can trust me, I am great at listening and I love our world. CHOOSE ME!!!

How Plymouth Grove Can Save the World!

Dear Mrs East,

As you know, saving the environment is a very important job otherwise Earth would not be inhabitable. Earth is in danger of pollution and global warming. People need to start being more eco-friendly to this wonderful planet, using the worlds resources more carefully. I am writing to you to suggest some ways to help save the planet from these disasters that could happen in future and to try out in being an eco-monitor.

If nobody did anything about the pollution and global warming, Earth would be cursed to be a hot grave for billions of people. When people burn coal, oil and wood, it releases CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) into the atmosphere, polluting the environment and melting the blanket of gas protecting the Earth. This causes the sun to heat up our planet boiling everything in existence. We can prevent this.

Obviously there are many ways to stop Earth from being a sad little planet in the middle of the Milky-Way. For example: we should walk more; or waste less; even planting a tree could help. Just one more piece of rubbish could end all life that we know of. Our only hope is if everyone takes action seriously and we might just stop global-warming and pollution.

How can our school help? Our school, Plymouth Grove Primary School, could help make a huge difference to the world by recycling more often and using resources with care. At the moment, classes continously leave pens and pencils on the floor meaning the school have to buy knew ones. This is an example of wasting resources carelessly. As a result, the average person wastes about 2kg a day, back in the 1960’s people usually produced 1.2kg. The result means that everyone needs to cut down on rubbish. Plymouth Grove can make a difference.

Everywhere people are being unfriendly to the world. You could be the one to tell them to be more friendly. I hope this letter has given you some ideas on how to save the world and persuaded you to pick me as eco-monitor.

From Kevin class 5O

Changing state – linoit

As we are not giving you any holiday homework, I thought it would be fun for you to have a go at using a Linoit!!

Post your ideas about what you know about this topic on our post-it note interactive display ๐Ÿ™‚

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