Why ysra should be a school council !!!!!!!!!

I should be a SC because I am extremely sensible .If someone said they wanted to have something that is inappropriate I would say that is not good and stick to sensible things.

All kids in the school would agree because I always want the best for everyone. Everyone is special and equal. Miss don’t you trust me because you trust me all the time . Don’t you agree I will do a great job for the school?

I would be confident and I would do what’s right and best  for our wonderful school. With my friends support I will be way on track. MR.Cooke says I am great at telling the truth even though some others call me a snitch.I will just go with what’s right!!!!!!

A good reason is that everyone in our class is confident to talk to me when they have a problem and I always try to help! Especially the boys because they have started to trust me a lot .  The girls trust  me too because all the girls in our class are friends. That is a great thing , don’t you think that is?

To add up, I would not miss any meetings even if I had to go home. I think me and Sadia  would make a great team? (We are actually cousins). So what do you think?

ysra”what i have learned”

In year 5 I have learned alot although we just started year 5!!!!
I have loved learning more about our localarea. I liked it when we copied pictures of places in our local area,sadias was really nice and patric did not do his because his ipad was not working. I am so excited because our Eid assembly is near and I hope it is going to be great . By theway I do not think you know but in violin club we will get our own violins and take them home , I think it is really excited , when I told my mum she was really happy becausethe violins are expesive and she could not by me one and she wanted me to practice because knew I was great and wanted me to be even better!!!
Well that is it IS hope you enjoy what I wrote and thank you for reading.