Homework – Week 4

• Spanish is one of the languages that all children in Year 5 can speak. Around 423 million people in 20 countries around the world speak Spanish.

• You must research a Spanish speaking country

• Create a persuasive tourist leaflet about the country.

• Do you remember the features of persuasive texts? Use them in your writing.

• Due date: Tuesday 4th February 2014.

Leave a comment below with ideas of Spanish speaking countries. This may give you ideas and help your classmates!! 🙂

Miss O

Spellings for first week back!!

Over the Christmas holidays we hope that you have a fantastic rest and get an opportunity to spend extra time with family and friends.

We will be doing a spelling test in our first week back. Your task over the two week break is to learn the following spellings and find out what they mean. All of these words form part of the key vocabulary for our humanities and science topics next half term.

In addition to this you should be reading every day and ready to do an Accelerated Reader quiz on the first day back.

  1. climate
  2. weather
  3. atmosphere
  4. acclimatise
  5. recycle
  6. upcycle
  7. reproduce
  8. process
  9. fertilise
  10. germinate
  11. pollinate
  12. pollen
  13. species
  14. function
  15. life-cycle

Have a very merry Christmas to those celebrating and we hope you have a fantastic two week break.

Looking forward to seeing everyone on Tuesday the 7th of January 2014.


The Year 5 Team.

Woo hoo!!

Secret Student update!!

This week has been a brilliant week for our secret students. We have got five out of five points this week. Hayat, Maxwell, Eliana and Mahgul have all got full points so all children gained eight Dojo points because of this brilliant effort.

15 points down and 5 to go to guarantee a super celebration for Christmas.

Let’s go team!!

Miss OEpcot - 30th Celebration Finale Jeff Krause via Compfight

Thinkuknow Website

As part of looking at beating bullying, we have been thinking about how to keep ourselves safe online.

Have a look at the ThinkUKnow website. It has lots of games and advice to help you think about e-safety and looking after your online profile.


Remember, if you feel unsafe online as well as telling an adult, look out for the CEOP report it button.


Beat Bullying Charter

This week it is Beat Bullying week. 5O are banding together to beat bullying!

We have created a charter to celebrate how we are banding together as a class to make bullying unacceptable. Here are our rules and guidelines for how we should all treat each other and work together to make a positive difference everyday.

  1. Tell an adult if you see bullying.
  2. Report cyber bullies.
  3. Never encourage fighting.
  4. Don’t join a bully.
  5. Use positive language.
  6. Take care of yourself.
  7. Keep personal information private.
  8. Control your behaviour.
  9. Show friendship to everyone.
  10. Remember, bullying hurts.

friendship bracelets. Amanda Venner via Compfight