Ma name is hidiya. And i love sing. I am good at sing and i love to dance. I am 9 yers old. And i am a fan of 1D I just love them. And i have 5 sister and 2 brothers but now my mum is bregnert. When i grow up i mit be a hier jresser or i mit be a techer or a fbi.my best frute is strable and banana apple grapes.

Hidiya’s homework

Hello my name is Hidiya and in 5O we are doing: Maths,Literacy,Science, P.E., Circle time, Art and much more all of them are really good and really fun! I like when we did the balloon experiment in science it was cool and I learnt that balloons that are blown up are lighter than balloons that are not. P.E. is also fun and we’re very active. I like circle time especially the slimy face game because we get to act how the slime hits your face and we make funny noises. I like maths because we get to use dice and I like dice:) Literacy is great because we get to make our own characters and story.