Emaan’s Eco Group Letter

Dear Mrs East,
I am writing to you because I want to tell you why I should be in Eco Group. By the end of this letter you will obviously choose me to be in Eco Group. Here are the reasons why I should be in Eco Group.

First of all I love our world. I WILL do anything for our wonderful world. All sensible people would agree that I should be in Eco Group because I care for our world the most, if I was the last person out of my class room I would turn the light off I would save electricity, which is very helpful to our world. So as you can see I know so much about our world and I care about the world too, now that is one of the reasons why you should choose me to be in Eco Group.

Second of all I am so trustworthy. You can always count on me to do anything I mean it, anything. If there are any meetings there is no need to worry I will be there in just a few minutes, I will never be late. Now an Eco monitor needs to be trustworthy so that is exactly why you should choose me.

Thirdly I am extremely good at listening. When there’s a meeting I will remember what I should do at all times, I’ll remember what to say to my class as well. If you want I can remember what is very important about Eco Group and get the job done. So that’s why you should choose me t be in Eco Group.

To sum up, I would be an extraordinary member of the Eco Group. Remember you can trust me, I am great at listening and I love our world. CHOOSE ME!!!

Emaan is soooooo excited!!!

I am so excited because next week I’m going on a trip. Yeah I know what you are thinking, what trip. So I am going to tell you.

Do you know about that Saturday school which Mr.Cooke was talking to us about? That one to Bridge Water Hall which me, Eliana, Asha, Sahra, Nashra, Orhan, Danyal, Simon, Luqman and Safiya are going to. It will be AMAZING because we get to miss half a day of school and we will be picked up and maybe some of us will go in a teacher’s car. The only thing that worries me is that Mr.Cooke won’t be able to come. Do you think that he deserves to come? Well I know that me, Eliana, Asha, Sahra, Nashra, Orhan, Danyal, Simon, Luqman and Safiya do. What about you tell me what you think give me a comment.

See you soon team, from Emaan

Why Emaan wants to be a member of school council

Dear Miss.Okell and 5o,

I would really like to be member a school council. If you want to know why then read on.

I would be a great member of the school council because I like to hear other people’s opinions. The children have different things that they want to change about the school ,and I love to hear their opinions so in meetings I can discuss them with all the other members of the school council. So that is one thing you need to know if I should be a member of the school council.

I would be a fantastic member of the school council because I am always on time for important things.  There is no need to worry about me being late because I will be there in a few minutes. Remember you can trust me.

I would be a extraordinary member of the school council because I love helping the school get better and better. I can think of a few ideas which I might want to change about the school, and tell Miss.Thompsan them and do a bit of a vote with the school to make sure we get things right. That is the last thing you need to know if I should ne a member of the school council.

To sum up I have told you the things you need to know if I will be a member of the school council. Remember I will be a great member of the school council and it is a BRILLIANT idea to choose me to be a member of the school council!!! Choose me!!!

From Emaan

Emaan’s Iceni tribe diary entry

Dear diary…

The Romans have arrived. Romans are treating us like slave’s, oh if I were brave enough, I’ll show those Romans what I’m made of.I just want those Romans to know how selfish and mean-hearted they are and maybe they will stop trying to take over.

Those Romans are taking are weapons now! I feel absolutely terrified, Queen Boudicca’s daughters and herself are being whipped! My Queen does not deserve this horrible treatment, her daughters want to stand up for themselves, I absolutely do not want to put up with this any longer!

The Romans are torturing Queen Boudicca’s daughters! Those Romans, who think that noone can defeat them,are taking what ever they want, I sware I would kill some of those stupid Romans if they won’t stop this this inctant!

Emaan’s day at Armitage Primary School!!!

Today was amazing! It was SOOOO much fun, I wish everybody in our class could come. We had some toast and juice to start the day of. We were put in to groups, I was in yellow group.

Firstly we designed models of carnival cloths because we are going to have a school carnival “AAH”. Next week we are going to be making and sewing carnival cloths and masks.

Secondly we drew what our masks would look like. While we were doing that we got to choose some music to listen to when we were drawing the masks. It was AMAZING!!!

Then we did some research on tarantulas and drew them to. As we were doing the drawing because we had our own laptops we chose some music to listen to.

Last but not least we played games in the hall. Everything was so great!!!I hope you enjoyed listening to my blog post, see you guys later!