ABOUT MY LEARNING! My favourite lesson is litracy because its mega epic.We learning abou time connectives its fun sentence operners and purpose. A writers toolkit has got lots of fantastic things its even got a word bank.We were talking about people talking cob webs like me.DT weve bin learning about about ashtonshing massive tents.There is a charity called shelter box they shine bright like  a dimond to very horrible insadents.Like floods, sunameys, wars and earthqakes they have a assive gaygantic tent so people can live in it its amazing.Gography is phenomenal were learning about Manchester Longshight and Awrdiwick  there are fantastic shops like charlies it is a sweet shop youve got amazing Ardiwck sports hall you will aboustly be gutted of its epic ness. You can play football,basketball,roller skating boxing and guymnastics.