Emaan’s Eco Group Letter

Dear Mrs East,
I am writing to you because I want to tell you why I should be in Eco Group. By the end of this letter you will obviously choose me to be in Eco Group. Here are the reasons why I should be in Eco Group.

First of all I love our world. I WILL do anything for our wonderful world. All sensible people would agree that I should be in Eco Group because I care for our world the most, if I was the last person out of my class room I would turn the light off I would save electricity, which is very helpful to our world. So as you can see I know so much about our world and I care about the world too, now that is one of the reasons why you should choose me to be in Eco Group.

Second of all I am so trustworthy. You can always count on me to do anything I mean it, anything. If there are any meetings there is no need to worry I will be there in just a few minutes, I will never be late. Now an Eco monitor needs to be trustworthy so that is exactly why you should choose me.

Thirdly I am extremely good at listening. When there’s a meeting I will remember what I should do at all times, I’ll remember what to say to my class as well. If you want I can remember what is very important about Eco Group and get the job done. So that’s why you should choose me t be in Eco Group.

To sum up, I would be an extraordinary member of the Eco Group. Remember you can trust me, I am great at listening and I love our world. CHOOSE ME!!!

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