Changing state – linoit

As we are not giving you any holiday homework, I thought it would be fun for you to have a go at using a Linoit!!

Post your ideas about what you know about this topic on our post-it note interactive display 🙂

View the linoit below and add your ideas using this link:


Miss O

4 thoughts on “Changing state – linoit

  1. Dear Mrs East,
    I am writing this letter to request for the position of the eco monitor. I want to be an eco monitor because I will save the world. An eco monitor will be a great job for me to do.
    To be an eco monitor l will help the school by not cutting tree’s down and we get less oxygen. We can plant more flowers and trees. We can use less electricity by turning off the lights.
    We can stop wasting a lot of food because it’s actually a bad thing to do. We can do lots and lots of recycling. We can do more sport events to make our bodies healthier and makes our muscles strong.
    Our school can stop using lots papers and not wasting them. We can stop wasting electricity. We can stop using vehicles because that’s wasting too much gas.
    Saving the world is a very important job to do. These ideas will help you to save the world. Please can I be an eco monitor.

  2. Well,the answer to your question is solid.It’s solid because it doesn’t float like gas or takes any shape like water.It stays at one place and doesn’t move until any-body moves it.

  3. the idea about it is great! but, to be honest, the post-it note can’t get us kids to express our selves. you’ve got to think of something that is unique. NICE JOB!!!!!!

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