Hamza’s story

Kevin’s Gang, written by Hamza.

Chapter 1

“Hello”,said Kevin,”I love maths, football and tig “.Kevin went to school with his friends called Cho, Alan and Roshaan.Kevin was in a maths lesson, the maths teacher was Hidiya.

Kevin for his second class was geography. Kevin was learning about cars, Kevin drives a car. Cho said,”You got a cool car.”

Alan said,”Join our car club”.

Roshaan said,”He’s only joking”.

“It is playtime”, said Roshaan.

Kevin said to Cho, Alan and Roshaan,”Lets rob the bank”.

Alan said,”How much? £12,000″. Kevin said to Cho, Alan and Roshaan, “Lets go after 3.00pm.”

Cho, Roshaan and Alan said,” Ok”.

They went to the bank.They went in the bank,Kevin said,” Hello”

The bank manager was Kyle. Kevin said ,”Can we have £12,000 please ?”

Kyle gave £12,000 to Kevin, Kyle said ,”Do you have a bank card ?”

Kevin, Cho, Alan and Roshaan ran.

Kyle called the police.

Roshaan, Alan, Cho and Kevin ran with £12,000. The police ran, they said,”Oi, come here !”

The police were Miss Okell and Miss Furr. Kevin said,”Lets go”. Alan and Roshaan said,” lets run.”

Kevin got a Lamborghini, Alan got a mini cooper, Cho got a bike and Roshaan got a Ferrari.

To be continued…


8 thoughts on “Hamza’s story

  1. Hamza,
    This story is awesome!! Really proud of the effort that you have put in at home to write this!!

    What will happen next??!

  2. Wow Hamza – this is a really exciting story. Let me know when you publish the next part. I loved Miss Okell and Miss Furr being police!! You are trying so hard with your writing now. Keep it up!

  3. The want to rob big jewels.The police gets a under cover person called Amina. Amina tell the police what happened. Roshaan, Alan, Cho and Kevin find out and leave amina in the desert.

    • Yes that is it l a grey !!
      is Going to be COOL !!!☆★☆★☆★☆★★☆★☆☆★☆☆★☆★

    • Good
      job hamzza keep it up
      I think you will be a good riter
      Will there be eny girls ?????????
      ???? 7??????
      ☆☆☆:) 🙂 🙂 🙂 :):’

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