Emaan is soooooo excited!!!

I am so excited because next week I’m going on a trip. Yeah I know what you are thinking, what trip. So I am going to tell you.

Do you know about that Saturday school which Mr.Cooke was talking to us about? That one to Bridge Water Hall which me, Eliana, Asha, Sahra, Nashra, Orhan, Danyal, Simon, Luqman and Safiya are going to. It will be AMAZING because we get to miss half a day of school and we will be picked up and maybe some of us will go in a teacher’s car. The only thing that worries me is that Mr.Cooke won’t be able to come. Do you think that he deserves to come? Well I know that me, Eliana, Asha, Sahra, Nashra, Orhan,ร‚ย Danyal, Simon, Luqman and Safiya do. What about you tell me what you think give meร‚ย a comment.

See you soon team, from Emaan

8 thoughts on “Emaan is soooooo excited!!!

  1. sadia what has happend to your writting p.s that was the best day in armitage we had lots of fun.everyone in halle shine (armitage) had lots of fun.how are you doing brain

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