My Subjects in Year 5 By Hannah George

Introduction: Blogging a learning review of various subjects  in year 5, is an interesting and challenging part of my homework. Let me introduce the subjects.

Maths: In maths this term we have been doing subtracting and adding decimals.We have also been learning how to multiply and divide 10,100 and 1000, and that was my favourite part.The bit I had trouble with was the rainbow method because you have to draw all these awkward curvy lines and numbers. The most astonishing part was the Chinese method.

Literacy: We have been doing a fish bone plan in the recent lesson and it was very hard. I loved the character description,  where  you  categorise  your  character, give it a name, and why it is seeking for asylum (my character was a nine year old girl whose parents got killed in war and had to flee with the help of her community to seek asylum in UK)  more other exciting things.

RE: In religious education we have been studying each others religions. I found out that one of my friends is a christian and the other is a muslim. We have also been learning about sikhism.

Science: In science we have been learning about solid, liquid and gas, in that lesson we had also blown balloons and we weighed them and they were heavier than the ones that had no air in them.

Art: In art we have been taking pictures and tracing on them to make them look like they were drawn by you.

Conclusion: I have really enjoyed this term, I am glad I have got a teacher like Miss Okell she is my inspiration. 🙂

5 thoughts on “My Subjects in Year 5 By Hannah George

  1. I really really really love your homework Hannah. I like it because you have said all about the subject in class and no one else has said all of them !! 🙂

  2. WOW !!! really impressive work Hannah amazing you put in so much effort you really are a role model no wonder you were hero of the week you are a superstar hero.You really deserved being hero of the week Hannah WELL DONE!!!!

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