Why should we give money to charity?

In 5o we have been persuading Mr Grumpy to give money to charity because he thinks we should’nt.

Dear Mr Grumpy,

Comic relief helps people all around the world and is very important. It can save peoples lives. Do you realise how much it helps people?I kind of think your being inconsiderate so please can you be abit nicer.

As you may know it helps people who have cancer just like Megan who has lukaemia. Megan is also her mum’s rock because whenever her mum is busy she is there for Oscar her little brother. Or Eric from England who at the age of 16 was homeless. And then some people advised him to go to centrepoint.

You can give money, it will not go to popstars as you said,it will go to people who truly need it. Like for example Kajal in India only 1 in every 1000 have acsessto a toilet. That is why we need the money.

It is really important please try your best. It will be really grateful if you go on www.comicrelief.com you can find out lots more. Also if you don’t offer then who will?

I think if you help it will make a difference so please do what you can we will really appreciate it.

From Aqsa


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  1. You should give money to the charity because in some parts of the world babys are dying every ten minuites.They need are help to survive!

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