The Piano

It was a breezy,windy day and I started playing my piano. I was thinking back om my memories. I felt heartbroken,lost,low and upset this was because I remembered my poor wife who I loved to bits. Each time I think about my wife tears came dripping down my face. Next I remembered when I was in the war and my best friend died. He died during the war and in the battlefield.I whispearead “Please don’t die, I can’t live without you” but sadly he died.

Also I remembered the day I gave my grandson a rocking horse. He loved it to bits. He went round his house shouting “gidiup gidiup”. He was acting as if he was a cowboy and he staded”thankyou grandad you are the best!”

Finally he came round the piano and he asked “can I play the piece you taught me with you? And I answered of corse you can.3,2,1 of you go. So we sat there playing the piano together happily

The end

From Aqsa

5 thoughts on “The Piano

  1. My happiest memories are those of playing the piano with my Grandma. This piece of beautiful writing brought those memories back to me so thank you for that 🙂

  2. Your welcome I hope you enjoyed my writting. We wrote about this because in class we were learning about a film called the piano.

    From Aqsa

  3. Dear Aqsa,
    Wow what a powerful piece of writing , as much as I enjoyed reading it there was a few spelling mistakes and one or two sentences that did not make sence,other than that your work was amazing.

  4. Hello miss Okell . What website is the piano on then i’ll go on it at home. keep it up on your blogs there incredible

  5. Hi Aqsa i really enjoyed reading your blog post it is a very powerful peice of writing. I like that you have used describing words and my favourite part is the first paraghraph. Can you play the piano?

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