Dear mr a.grumpy,
As you may know lots of people are dying,so many that I am unable to count.Comic Relief are so helpful because lots of money has been given to the poor and I think you should donate some too.There are many people who will die any second.

There are many people who need special care but do not have the money for it,they are very poor but with life threatening conditions Comic Relief are ready to help.Rosetta had a lot of help too,Some famous celebrities raised almost half a million pounds then gave it to Comic Relief Whitch was then given to people living in Africa including Rosetta so she could then protect her baby with a net to keep Mosquitos away.

Gemma was her mothers rock she also has to look after 8 years old Megan who has Leukaemia and 5 years Oscar who has Curvature.Luckily Gloucestershire young Carers put her in a project were she met a girl who’s sister also had Leukaemia they were then best friends.People like Gemma spent like a quarter of their life being a rock I mean working for their family.

Most of Gemma’s childhood was taken away but she can still spend some.Mr a.grumpy I think you are a mean and selfish man with an awful attitude,If you were kindhearted you would donate some of your money to charity.

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