Thank you

Thanks Quadblogging pals for some brilliant responses. Our iPad monitor has been taking lots of photos today so he will be able to give you a real insight into life in 5O when he has blogging time tomorrow.

Thanks trainee teachers for working with 5O today. The children told me a bit about what they got up to and I’ve been to look at the poems that you wrote together. Brilliant stuff. I was really pleased at the collaboration and the links made between community and our class charter! Fab stuff. Look out for a news report from 5O on this tomorrow! We would love to see your comments on our blog!

Miss Okell

4 thoughts on “Thank you

  1. Hi 5 O’s,
    It’s Mr. T. from across the pond.
    The students in my class are looking forward to reading and commenting on your posts. We did not have school today because it was Christopher Columbus Day.
    It is a school holiday in Massachusetts and so the students and teachers have the day off.
    We will be back to school on Tuesday and will be posting our comments then.
    We can’t wait to learn more about the velodrome, your school, and your class. We don’t have a velodrome in Massachusetts and the closest one to us is in New York and New Jersey. (about 5 hours away)
    I was able to watch Manchester United play Newcastle this weekend. I’ve been a Man. Utd. fan since I was 12 years old. Does your class cheer for Manchester United or do you have other favorite teams?

  2. Ouadblogging is really cool! I love the fact that you get to see other peoples blogs!See what they have been doing.

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