My trip to the Veladrome

we are now at the winning finals, and all I can say is WOW

I can see a paralympian right in front of me called JODY CUNDY!!!!!!”!

Unfortunately he has a prostetic leg

I also saw Leo and Awais, this trip finished at 4pm and it took us 30 minutes to get home for 4.30pm

I enjoyed it because i got an autograph from Jody Cundy and the school paid for the tickets.

I would like to go again before i finish Plymouth Grove.

Thank you to all the staff that looked after us that day.

Thank you jaewon

9 thoughts on “My trip to the Veladrome

  1. i was in the velodrome on friday afternoon sorting things out for my race on saturday, the atmosphere the schools brought to the track was fantastic and i would have loved to have raced with that noise, hopefully the visit will inspire some new cyclists

    • Elliot,

      Thanks for your comment. We were so surprised to hear from a cyclist who has cycled at the velodrome! Amazing!

      Hope you enjoyed visiting our blog,
      Miss Okell

  2. Hello Jaewon and 50
    Your velodrome trip sounds amazing!
    4T are incredibly jealous but we have enjoyed reading your writing and imagining what it was like.
    Keep up the fantastic writing,
    Miss Thompson 🙂

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