Trip to the Velodrome.

On friday we went to the Velodrome it was amazing. We saw all of the GB cycling team cycle in Manchester Velodrome. It was very very loud in the Velodrome everyone was shouting for there favourite cyclists. I was amazed at how huge it was i was shocked. When we went to see the BMX track that was so exciting to look how tall it was.

11 thoughts on “Trip to the Velodrome.

  1. Hi Megan my name is Danny.
    I am not a girl. I am a boy. Some people think i’m a girl because Danny can be a boy and girls name.
    Bet that was scary and a really lovely piece of writing, well done.

    How big was the track?
    Were you worried that someone might fall off?
    Were there any famous people there?

    • Well the track was 250 meters long so pretty big. Well 1 person fell of there bike but my friends were sceard they will fall of.All of them were famous.

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