My trip at the velodrome – by Aqsa

The velodrome was really amazing,at first i thought it would be scary but once we arrived it was not scary.
Whilst the cyclist were racing one of the cyclist fell of the bike and the other cyclist almost fell of her bike but luckily she did’nt.
What amazed me was the speed because the cyclists were going really fast.
I heard the ordience screaming,cheering and shouting for the cyclists.
The thing that inspired me was the way that the bike’s turned and it looked like they were going to fall but they did’nt.
I enjoyed my time at the velodrome and i hope to go again.

3 thoughts on “My trip at the velodrome – by Aqsa

  1. Thats a nice story, sometimes when I go to the velodrome I race behind a little motorbike called a Derny, sometimes when I finish I feel dizzy too! Did you also know the bikes at the Velodrome are special bikes, not like yours at home or your friends! they have no brakes!!! Also your not allowed to stop pedalling because the pedals always move around when the wheels are moving too! If you try and stop pedalling you will fall off and look like Superman because you are riding really fast!

    I really liked your story and I hope that you able to go to the velodrome again soon!

  2. Hi Im Olivia Im from thistly meaddow. Your trip called Velodrome sounds amazing!Were about is the trip that you went on?

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