A recount about my fantastic trip – by Mohammed

It was a really amazing,spectacular,fantastic day and I hope everyone had a great time!

On the way to the Velodrome I saw the Ethad city stadium and I have seen it before when year 4 went to sport city stadium to do sports day there.Minutes later I saw the wall of a dark bridge and when went under it was very dark but I liked it,it was cool!Probably 20 minutes later people were saying that they saw Jaewon’s mum and people were shouting hello to Jaewon’s mum. Then Mr Heap told Jaewon that he was getting embarrassed. When we arrived, I saw two brightly coloured, red and blue motorbikes that were clean.

When we arrived to the Velodrome, all we could hear was noisy cheers from inside. When we entered the Velodrome, a man lead us towards the area where we would be watching the cyclists. Then a man spoke through a speaker and informed us on what’s going to happen? Then a man stood beside the cycling track shot a bullet into the air and we saw orange stuff come out of the gun. I also heard loud cheers from the crowd.

The most amazing thing was how fast the cyclists were cycling,the amount of people present at the Velodrome and how the cyclists never slowed down. The size of the Velodrome was also amazing. It was spacious. The music and dancing was also great.

I was excited to go to the Velodrome and watch the cyclists. I was also excited to see all the images on the Ipad. I was even excited to see the championships and different types of bikes there were. It was also exciting to see the old bikes at the entrance.

The most inspirational thing were the cyclists because the never gave up. They kept cycling even though it was a tough ride. Another inspirational thing was the amount of people using the exercise bike because that would motivate others to do more exercise. Also as well as inspiring me, the cyclists will have inspired everyone else at the Velodrome.

6 thoughts on “A recount about my fantastic trip – by Mohammed

  1. My trip at the velodrome
    The velodrome was really amazing,at first i thought it would be scary but once we arrived it was not scary.
    Whilst the cyclist were racing one of the cyclist fell of the bike and the other cyclist almost fell of her bike but luckily she did’nt.
    What amazed me was the speed because the cyclists were going really fast.
    I heard the ordience screaming,cheering and shouting for the cyclists.
    The thing that inspired me was the way that the bike’s turned and it looked like they were going to fall but they did’nt.
    I enjoyed my time at the velodrome and i hope to go again.

  2. Mohammed,

    I love your class blog! your teacher asked people on a Track cycling forum to take a look, which I did.

    You talked about ‘inspiration’ in your blog, I was inspired by the GB track cyclists competing & winning at the Beijing Olympics in 2008. I didn’t ride a bike then but fancied having a go, so I got myself a bike and then another and another lol. My son’s in Yr 5 & 7 also ride bikes now and have started to race.

    My highlight so far was riding at last years British Track Champions in the Ladies Team Pursuit, we had people like Chris Hoy warming up next to us – that was just an amazing feeling! For me, cycling is great because these things do happen to normal club riders like me – and they can happen to you or your friends if you want it.

    Next week I will be riding in Manchester for the World Masters Track Championships (for old folk!), I will think of your class chearing and hopefully draw some inspiration from that thought.

    Best wishes Alison

    • Hi Alison,

      We were talking about how powerful blogging is just as I saw your comment flash up and we were all so happy to see your post. I felt so inspired by the determination of the cyclists and think that we have all taken inspiration in many different ways from our trip!

      Hope you liked our blog,
      Miss Okell

  3. Mohammed Thanks!

    In case you are interested I’m racing: 500m TT Monday, 2km pursuit Tuesday, Scratch race Thursday & Points race Saturday.

    I forgot to say, my near neighbour, friend and club mate Beth is having a go at the World Hour record (for her age group) on Wednesday morning 8am at the velodrome. She needs to do 160 laps in an hour which seems like far too many to me! She really needs all the support she can get so please think of her wizzing around the velodrome!

    I hope you all have a good week.


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